Last Things First

When you leave, please check that the bidet and bathroom lights are off.

Next, speak the following command into the bathroom: “Hey Google, start vacuuming.”

When you are ready to leave, please use the following command: “Hey Google, cat sitting complete.”

First Things Next

If you need light and ambiance, use the command, “Hey Google, I’m back.”

If you wish to entertain the furless goblins, you could use the xbox controller to turn on Youtube, go to my playlists, and play the “Cat List” playlist.


Check the fridge for an open can of cat food, usually on the top shelf. Additional cans can be found under the alter by the front door (see picture). Use the Hound & Gatos cans, for simplicity.

Use the serving fork near the kettle (be sure to rinse it well after use).

Use two bowls, one metal, one ceramic, and split roughly 1/4th of a can between them (1/8th can per bowl, roughly a heaping fork’s worth).

Place a lid, found in the same drawer as the bowls, on the open can and store it in the fridge.

For dry food, check the auto-feeder to ensure it is not empty. Use the large bag to refill it.

DO NOT USE the small bag of Hills Dietary Kibble.


There are three (3) drinking fountains and a decorative fountain that need to be filled at least every four (4) days.

The decorative fountain is directly across from the door. Use the large pitcher in the sink to fill it until you can see water coming up through the grate, just barely wetting the stones.

Fountain 1 (kitchen counter) and Fountain 2 (bedroom headboard) can both be filled using the Brita pitcher in the sink.

Fountain 3, (under the standing desk) has a removable reservoir. Note that water will leak when the reservoir is pointed in the correct direction, so you will need to quickly invert it, both when taking it off and putting it on.

If you have trouble opening the Fountain 3 Reservoir, look for the lime green gripping pads in with the oven mitts, 2nd drawer from the top, under the instant pot.

Cleaning The Litter Boxes

You will find a purple poop scooper in the top drawer of the grey dresser, which is also one of the litterboxes (bottom 2 drawers). You will also find a collection of cat-specific rags.

Start with the litterbox to the left of the bathroom door (the cats prefer structure and will get distressed if you start with the other one). You can shake it up a bit as you move it to near the toilet to loosen the urine clumps from the frame.

Note the bidet controls. Pay special attention to where the “off” position is on the dial. Turn the bidet on to “wash the nozzle” while you are emptying the litterbox for an easier experience.

Use the purple pooper scooper to dump the flushable litter into the toilet. Flush generously during this process.

Return the litterbox to it’s original position. Top up the litter using the bag in the bottom drawer by the front door (see picture). Shake a small amount of Arm & Hammer across the top (smell reduction) Make sure the lid is attached securely, or else the cats will fall when trying to enter through the top opening.

Next remove the blue bin from the grey drawer to the right of the bathroom door. It should slide out easily if you grasp firmly on the sides and pull straight up (there should be disposable non-latex gloves in the top drawer, if you wish to use them). Repeat procedure (the bidet is often unnessecary for the blue litterbox.

Before returning the blue litterbox, use a rag to wipe any litter off the rim of the toilet.

Return the scooper and rag to the top gray drawer. Return the blue litterbox to the drawer. Make sure it is at least half full of litter. Add Arm & Hammer. Close bottom drawer. Pull the hinged false door off the magnets securing it to the top drawer, and the close the top drawer while sliding the hinged plate into position (this can be tricky and you don’t really need to worry about it).

Ensure that the black stepstool is in place in front of the opening to the gray litterbox.

Unexpected Messes

If the cats make a mess on a carpeted area, use the Spotbot (located in the mirrored closet by the front door, see picture). Use the Quick Clean setting unless the mess has been there a while. It will take approx 2 minutes to clean.

(Details about how to refill the spotbot go here)

If the cats make a mess on the hardwood floor, use the Swiffer Wetjet (located on the side of the gray dresser next to the broom and dustbin). Swiffer pads are located with the litter (see picture) by the front door. Swiffer solution is on the gray dresser, with extra in the drawer with the litter.