The only thing Master So’N’So loves more than hearing himself talk is having someone else hear him talk. If you ignore his huge ego, he’s just another So-and-So in the crowd. His skills with ropes, cameras and relationships do not come from some innate greatness, but simply through letting himself love the things that he loves and wanting to be better at them.

He knows no special tricks, is possessed of no innate talent. The things Master So’N’So knows, anyone can learn.

A life-long non-monogamist, and full-time fantasy art photographer, Master So’N’So travels frequently for his day job, teaching a variety of art subjects at conventions and art fairs. He has been involved in managing non-profit organizations since he was a small child, has studied rope bondage since 2006 and has been actively involved in the Chicago community since 2008, working with The Next Generation Chicago, the Man Ho Foundation and heavily engaged in general community building. He currently organizes Bound To Learn, an open space rope meetup/self-education event which occurs monthly on a floating Friday at Galleria Domain 2. His sex-positive courses have been well received internationally, including locations in Canada, Florida, Texas and the Midwest.


With no secret talent except a passion for improvement, MasterSoNSo gives the world his insights from a life of art, rope, and non-monogomy.