Classes Offered

Shibari / Rope Bondage

Newaza / Rope Foreplay 101

Tying your partner down doesn’t have to be a prelude to a good scene, it can be the scene itself. Course covers basic safety issues, types of rope, definition of different rope bondage styles, negotiation, and several basic shibari techniques (aka, “katas”). This intro class focuses on the “caressing style” of integrating sexuality and rope.  (Introductory, Hands On)

Semenawa / Rope Torture 101

An introduction to using rope as the torture, instead of as the prelude to sadomasochism. Course covers basic safety issues, types of rope, definition of different rope bondage styles, negotiation, and several basic shibari techniques (aka, “katas”). This intro class focuses on the sadomasochistic use of rope. (Introductory, Hands On)

Arm Ties

Five ways to get your partner’s arms out of the way, whether your intent be sinister or seductive. (Introductory, Hands On)

Play in Five Acts

If lovemaking is a performance, then there is much we can learn from the theatre. Apply literary and stage techniques to make better scenes. Particularly sexy to all you Aristotle fetishists. (All Levels, Hands On)

Karada: Gender, Shape and Fashion

Integrating fashion design principles, macrame, and decorative knots, we can build sexy rope body harnesses which look good at a party (or disappear under your evening-wear) and leave openings for all your important play needs later. Aimed at all genders and body types. (Intermediate, Hands-on)

The Big Let Down

The end of a rope scene, whether it is a body-stressing full inversion or a meditative Ebi tie, can leave a rope bottom feeling disconnected, rejected, or embarrassed. The bottom may feel as if s/he has somehow failed, that the scene had to end because of their limitations. This class covers methods to reduce these emotional risks during the denouement (after the scene climax but before aftercare truly begins). (Intermediate, Hands On)

The Bottleneck Chest and Hip Harness, How To Tie

A chest and hip harness design based on Erotic Macrame, the Bottleneck is visually pleasing and suspension-safe. Suitable for beginners. (Intermediate, Hands On)

Inventing the Quad Coin Harness

First demonstrating the Quad Coin Hip Harness, invented by Boss Mason (and taught with his permission), these principles are then applied to the chest in an exploration of stylistic harness invention. This class explores the principles of harness composition/development through a specific application, and is unsuitable for beginners. (Intermediate, Hands On)

Padawan Riggers and Jedi Bottoms

Overcome your insecurities about tying someone with more bondage experience than you have! Loosely based on both Jedi and Sith philosophies, participants will be able to take these exercises directly back to the bedroom to have better, hotter bondage experiences. This class is aimed at teaching riggers, and providing a forum for bottoms to share knowledge and validation with their partners. (Introductory, Hands On)

Lifestyle Ethics & Experiences

Long Distance Relationships: Balancing Love and Geography

“Absence sharpens love, presence strengthens it.” — Thomas Fuller.  When you love someone that’s inconveniently distant (or conveniently spaced!), there are going to be some bumps on that very long road. Whether that connection is romantic, platonic, sexual, asexual, monogamous or polyamorous, the trials you face in maintaining connection, joy and vulnerability have common roots. This class will teach you methods of relationship negotiation, selecting and setting the mood you want, and dealing with disconnections, fear, and insecurity.

Love Thyself

The old cliche about learning to love yourself before you can learn to love others is easy to agree with, but hard to practice. Here’s how! Apply the Five Love Languages in a new way to learn to love yourself. Full of funny anecdotes, attendee contributions, and painfully gained wisdom, this class is full of practical wisdom about this oft-discussed nebulous concept. (All Levels, Lecture with Discussion)

Alternatives to Monogamy

A discussion about alternatives to traditional relationship structures, with emphasis on the relevance and pitfalls of such models. Class will begin with a brief lecture, followed by a discussion of how these beliefs apply to the lives of the students. (Beginner, Lecture)

Conflict Resolution 101

A basic class covering non-violent communication, the five love languages, how to say “I’m sorry,” and tricks to calm down and gain perspective. (Beginner, Lecture, Not Poly-specific)

Advanced Conflict Resolution

Moving beyond basic communication theory, this lecture will include specific techniques on creating a safe, compassionate space to analyze relationship issues, patterns and measure progress. Also, a ton of tricks that don’t fit easily elsewhere. No reqs to attend. (All Levels, Lecture, Not Poly-specific)

A Menu of Yes : Negotiating with Enthusiastic Consent

A simple, intuitive, yes-based paradigm for negotiation that focuses on arenas of consent rather than the traditional boundary-based approach of hard-limits. Using a Menu of Yes is sexy, flexible and encourages intimacy while maintaining boundaries in a spirit of mutual enthusiastic consent. (All Levels, Lecture + Hands On)

The Solo Polyamorist

Too obsessed with your job to make time for a Real Partner(tm)? Do you want to be focused on your own needs yet still have love in your life? If so, this lecture on the joys and pitfalls of being your own primary partner may strike a chord. (All Levels, Lecture/Discussion)

I Can Haz Status?

The internet adds its own unique twist to the relationship rollercoaster. Public declarations of connection and parting, seeing your ex-lover every morning on your laptop, the need to actively End Friendships — all this and more will be covered in this roundtable discussion. (All Levels, Discussion)

Kama Sutra Kink

Widely known in America as the Hindu Sex Manual, the Kama Sutra covers far more than weird sex positions. Learn pick up lines invented thousands of years ago, examine the ancient debate over the existence of the female orgasm, and discuss historic protocols of devotion and submission suitable for modern relationships. (All Levels, Lecture)


A moderated discussion exploring the many, many shades of grey in a subject we all wish was black and white. Bring your opinions. (All Levels, Moderated Roundtable Discussion, Not Poly-specific)

Unfiltered Answers To Common Poly Questions

We all have our elevator speeches ready for when assaulted by The Monogamous Inquisition. In this moderated discussion, we discuss these questions in a safe, poly-friendly space and try to move past our pre-programmed rhetoric. If you’ve ever been afraid to admit you have doubts, or wondered if this was really the right choice for you, this class is for you. (All Levels, Moderated Discussion)

Erotic Photography

Erotic Photography Made Easy

How to take sexy photographs without spending a fortune on photography equipment, and with minimal photo editing. Use your cell phone camera! Use your webcam! It’s not what you own, but how you use it, and this slide show presentation and lecture will help you use it better.

From Photo To Fantasy

Catgirls, elven strippers, space vixens and more! Learn how to take photographs of your lover and turn them into the stuff of your own wet dreams. An opportunity for attendees to make topics suggestions beforehand will customize this course to your organization.

 Other Topics and Vanilla Classes

Please contact Master So’N’So if you are interested in hearing the list of vanilla seminars he teaches, or have a request for him to teach some specific subject matter not listed here.